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Everything under one roof ,become an Authorized prepaid wireless dealer for AT&T,Epay,H2o Wireless and Lycamobile, Red Pocket receive upfront commission with lifetime residuals

All other Master Agents will charge you for SIM Cards. We are the only Lycamobile master dealer that gives free sim to dealers, These sim cards have a retail value of over $10, $20 and even $30,many dealers sell these sim cards to their customers for BIG Profits. Why not enjoy a free sim cards offer? We are national master dealer for Epay,Incom payment portal, H2o Wireless, Lycamobile and Verizon Prepaid. Contact us to become cell phone dealer for all the prepaid wireless carrier

  • Unlimited everything plans starting at $19 per month
  • Very aggressive up-front spiffs
  • Highest airtime discounts in the industry
  • Low price wholesale Preloaded sim cards
  • One instant spiff dealer portal
  • Nationwide GSM network with 4G LTE
  • A comprehensive line-up of devices as well as bring your own phone
  • High quality Wholesale unlocked cell phones

Requirements to Become a Cell Phone Retailer

  • Copy of business license
  • Seller permit
  • Fill out the w9 from
  • In California require a separate license to collect the mobile surcharge from customers. Click here to get more information about California mobile surcharge tax
  • Business EIN or social security number
Click here to become a prepaid cell phone dealer

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