It is a big confusion when you buy the Lycamobile sim card because there is many ways to activate the Lyamobile sim card. If you buy the Lycamobile sim card from Lyca Mobile website then it is very easy to activate, simply insert the sim card in your GSM phone and dial 622 from your phone and follow the prompt. Lycamobile sell 2 kinds of sim cards blank and preloaded sim card. If you have purchase the preloaded sim with plan then your time will start once you activate the sim card. If it is a blank sim then you have to recharge the sim card.If you are porting your number from other carrier to Lycamobile then you shouldn't dial 622. You need to call Lycamobile customer service (1-866-277-3221) to activate the sim card.
If you buy the Lycamobile sim card from wholesalers then you should follow the instruction on sim card and don't dial 622 from your handset because you could loose your prepaid monthly plan. Lycamobile issue API to all the wholesalers and sometime they make own preloaded sim card with plan and sometime it is cheaper then Lycamobile website.

How to Port Your Number To Lycamobile

  • Don't activate Lycamobile sim card
  • Don't deactivate the number from existing carrier
  • Contact your existing provider
  • Ask for Account number and Pin
  • Call Lycamobile to port the number

Lycamobile Cell Phone Compatibility

You must check phone compatibility before you activate or port your number to Lycamobile. You must have T-Mobile or unlocked GSM handset to use Lycamobile sim card. Lycamobile is a T Mobile MVNO that mean If you have T mobile phone then you don't have to unlock the phone otherwise your phone must be unlocked.
T-Mobile uses the 1900 Mhz band for GSM (voice) and EDGE (2G) and UMTS (3G) data. It uses the 1700 (AWS) band for UMTS (3G) data rather than 1900 Mhz in some markets.

For LTE, T-Mobile uses bands 2 (1900), 4 (1700), 12 (700 a,b,c) and 66 (1700 Mhz). T-Mobile's primary LTE band is band 4. Band 2 is deployed in former 2G only non-urban areas where T-Mobile doesn't have any band 4 spectrum. In some, maybe all, of these band 2 only LTE markets, 3G is not offered, only 2G and LTE.

Universal Phones

Existing universal phone options are: Apple iPhone 6s (A1633) and 6s Plus (A1634) Nexus 6P (H1511)
Samsung Galaxy S7 Special Edition (SM-G930U) and S7 Edge Special Edition (SM-G935U).

Lycamobile Coverage Map