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India Sim cards For travellers
India Sim Card In USA

India Sim cards For travellers

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Foreigners visiting India will no longer have to worry about the difficulties that they were previously subjected to in getting a local SIM card. Now you can buy Indian sim cards from us and It will work when you land in Indian airport.

Activation Requirements For Indian Sim Card

  • Passport copy
  • Proof of Indian Visa
  • Staying Address: Hotel or Home
  • Date of travelling To India

BSNL Sim Card Plans 1

  • Unlimited talk in India
  • 30 GB 4G data for 30 days (1GB -4G data per day after that speed slow down)

Calling from Indian to USA you can use free google phone through using your data plan. If you need help to get free USA google phone,we are happly to help you. There is somany other apps are available which you can use to make calls to USA.

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