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Lycamobile USA 59 Unlimited Plan

Posted by on 6/6/2017 to Prepaid Wireless News
Lycamobile USA 59 Unlimited Plan

Lycamobile $59 Unlimited Cell Plan gives you:

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  • Unlimited Nationwide Talk, Text & Data

  • First 3GB Data at up to 4G LTE

  • Unlimited calls to Mexico, New Zealand, Bangladesh and more than 70 countries

  • Unlimited free calls to Lycamobile numbers worldwide

  • 150 bonus minutes to Bolivia, Cambodia,Costa Rica,Dominican Republic,Ecuador,Egypt,El Salvador,Guatemala,Honduras,Iraq,Jordan,Lebanon,Mali Malitel/Sotelma,Mali Malitel/Sotelma,Paraguay,Philippines,Somalia National Link,Vietnam

  • $5 International credit bonus^ - use it for calls and texts outside your allowance

  • Unlimited Nigeria landline calls and 180 minutes to call Nigeria mobile

  • 600 Minutes to Pakistan (Landline & Mobile)

  • 240 bonus minutes to Nepal

Unlimited International Calls to:



Subrata Bain
Date: 7/31/2017
Mohammad Hossain
Date: 10/5/2017
Mohammad Hossain
Date: 10/5/2017
Date: 7/27/2018
Hossen vi. how are you. I would like to pay my bill 59 dollars plan but money is not going through.

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